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VESTAMID® polyamides

Withstand anything

Materials in winter sports have to withstand the cold and still deliver full performance.

VESTAMID® is a tough, lightweight, clear polymer used by the most exacting OEMs in the automotive, sports,
medical and oilfield markets. Its unique blend of strength, chemical resistance and ductility places VESTAMID® polyamides at the apex of the highest performing polymers in the world. The material features an extraordinarily high impact resistance and impact strength, even well below the freezing point.

Performing at the limit

In downhill ski races and especially in snowboard races, the pressure applied to the boot is several times greater than is the case with the average amateur skier or boarder.

Due to the excellent low-temperature impact strength the high-performance material can be used in applications where extreme pressure is applied and where stable properties are required at low temperatures. This combination makes VESTAMID® the material of choice for, e.g., ski and snowboard boots, ski and snowboard upper films, and ice axes where the material must be capable of permanently withstanding extreme loads and offering firm support, even at top speed.