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ROHACELL® rigid foam made by Evonik in the core rim section of the lightweight and stiff wheels.

Around two centimeters wide, more than half a meter high, jet black and fitted with a conspicuously large outer ring: The truly light weight of these wheels only becomes clear after you handle one. That first impression is immediately dispelled, however, when you lift the wheel. This carbon wheel weighs less than 1,000 grams per set of front and rear wheels, and really is lightweight—making it a highly prized piece of equipment among professional cyclists.

Thanks to the material properties of carbon and a material it uses for its rim cores, the flyweight bicycle wheels are aerodynamic, and feature extreme rigidity. ROHACELL® is extremely rigid and solid, yet minimally dense, making it an ideal material for manufacturing robust, lightweight parts.

A carbon wheel rim with a special foam core

The wheels consist of a full-carbon rim with a special foam core: ROHACELL®, a rigid polymethacrylimide foam. Because it is not just extremely strong and rigid, but also has exceptionally low density, ROHACELL® is an ideal material in components that need to be both lightweight and robust. In combination with the CFRP outer casing, this produces a high-strength, rigid construction that is nonetheless exceptionally lightweight.