Polymers for more performance

For almost 50 years, Evonik has been a tried and trusted partner of leading sports manufacturers in the field of materials development to create more value and increase the performance of sports equipment.


Faster, higher, farther—the sports world exists to set ever higher records. Anyone with the goal of rising to top form needs to be more than just physically fit. Especially in high-performance sports, sophisticated technology, high-quality materials, and complex production are playing an increasingly important role.

Extreme performance in sports always makes headlines. But who thinks about the materials needed to make these innovations a reality? We do—because every new development brings with it a host of challenges that we must face. Our aim is to meet these challenges to the fullest extent possible. And this is best achieved by intensive dialog with you, initiated as early as possible.

Established for almost 50 years as an innovative supplier to the sporting goods industry, High Performance Polymers has given a new meaning to the claim "More value for sports". As a partner in development and a producer of high performance polymers with a global production, sales and service network, we have been able to contribute substantially to the successful implementation of the new ideas and product concepts of leading sports equipment manufacturers. In our Marl, Darmstadt (both Germany), Tippecanoe (US) and Shanghai (China) research centers we develop, in close cooperation with the sporting goods industry, innovative material solutions that will enable our customers to meet market requirements, now and in the future.