the glassclear perspective

TROGAMID® eCO is made from 40% biomass and 100% renewable energy. This halves the greenhouse gases in its production.

The name eCO stands for "eliminate CO2". This is achieved on the one hand by replacing a petrochemical-based raw material with one based on biomass, and on the other hand by using only regenerative energy in the production of TROGAMID® eCO or TROGAMID® myCX eCO granules. This reduces the emitted CO2 by 50%. Of course, the excellent properties of the eCO products do not change in any way when compared with TROGAMID® CX and TROGAMID® myCX.

Sports glasses benefit from a combination of outstanding properties

Fashion trends exert a strong influence on sunglasses and sports eyewear collections. Sometimes models with thick frames and large lenses are “in,” only to be succeeded by thin-framed or rimless glasses. Whatever the trend, the glasses should offer the eyes the highest possible protection. There're no limits on creativity with Evonik's TROGAMID® for optical applications. The microcrystalline polyamide meets high dynamic stress resistance with design.

No other lens material for sports glasses boasts the following combination of outstanding properties. Lenses made from TROGAMID® myCX and TROGAMID® myCX eCO, both grades developed specifically for optics, offer

  • the highest degree of comfort because of their ultra-lightweight
  • high durability because of their excellent mechanical properties
  • the highest possible reliability because of their excellent resistance to stress cracking and breaking