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No limits on creativity: The microcrystalline polyamide TROGAMID® combines high dynamic stress resistance with design.

Enjoy sports: Evonik demonstrates its application for the sports glasses’ frames manufactured with TROGAMID®, a high performance polyamide with excellent transparency properties. TROGAMID® is considered to be the ideal replacement for already established materials by means of its improved wearing experience and enduring style.

Fashion but more wear comfort with TROGAMID®

Suitable sports equipment not only symbolizes the fashion but also brings comfort and convenience to the consumers. Sports enthusiasts are always looking for the lighter sports equipment.

Characterized with its lightweight design, TROGAMID® CX9704 makes the sports glasses’ frame lighter than other materials. Therefore, the wearing experience will be significantly improved. Meanwhile, the advantages of TROGAMID®’s outstanding transparency as well as the easy processing and coloring give freedom in design and guarantee the fabulous appearance.

Enduring and unbreakable to enjoy sports 

Sand, dust, creams or sweat – sports and sunglasses are exposed to a lot. Low temperature and tough weather conditions will also influence the frame’s enduring performance. Manufacturers were obsessed with these unsolved problems in the past. However, thanks to the excellent chemical resistance, TROGAMID® based sports glasses frame withstands sun cream damages and assures with longer product cycle. In addition, TROGAMID®’s remarkable weathering resistance also offers the glasses more ductility but strong and enduring performance even under extreme weather conditions.

high-end visors for ski and snowboard goggles

TROGAMID® myCX, which stands out for its excellent transparency of over 90% and low density of 1.03 g/cm², was specifically designed for demanding optical applications such as premium lenses or high-end visors for ski and snowboard goggles. The high-performance polymer combines outstanding quality and freedom of design with maximum wear comfort. Due to its exceptional mechanical properties, resistance to stress cracking, and breaking strength, TROGAMID® myCX guarantees the high levels of durability and safety that are essential for the optical industry. In addition, the transparent polyamide can be combined with all frame materials.