Transparency - Evonik offers high performance materials for the sports industry


No limits on creativity: The microcrystalline polyamide TROGAMID® meets high dynamic stress resistance with design.

Enjoy sports: Evonik demonstrates its new application for the sport glasses’ frame manufactured with TROGAMID®, a kind of high performance plastic with excellent transparency properties. TROGAMID® is considered to be the ideal replacement for already established materials by means of its improved wearing experience and enduring style. 

Fashion but more wear comfort with TROGAMID®

Suitable sport equipment not only symbolizes the fashion but also brings comfort and convenience to the consumers. Sport enthusiasts are always looking for the lighter sport equipment. 

Characterized with its lightweight construction, TROGAMID® CX9704 makes the sport glasses’ frame lighter than other materials. Therefore, the wearing experience will be significantly improved. Meanwhile, the advantages of TROGAMID®’s outstanding transparency as well as the easy processing and coloring give the freedom in design and guarantee the fabulous appearance. 

Enduring and unbreakable to enjoy sports 

Sand, dust, creams or sweat–sunglasses are exposed to a lot. Low temperature and tough weather condition will also influence the frame’s enduring performance. Manufactures were obsessed with these unsolved problems in the past. However, thanks to the excellent chemical resistance, TROGAMID®-based sport glasses frame is free from sun cream’s damage and assured with longer product cycle. In addition, TROGAMID®’s remarkable weathering resistance under extreme condition also offers the glasses more ductility but strong and enduring performance even under the extreme weather. 

High performance material suitable for new IMPLEX technology

IMPLEX—an innovative technology for manufacturing eyeglasses frames—is based on TROGAMID®, a transparent, high-performance plastic, and gives eyewear manufacturers more freedom of design.

Unlike traditional production methods, this novel technology involves cutting the finished frames from a single, curved preform, thus omitting the machining and finishing steps after injection molding. The preform is made ahead of time from multiple functional layers—the base frame made of TROGAMID®, the adhesive and coating layers, or the scratch-resistant film—and can be produced relatively quickly and flexibly, varying both the size of the preform and its radius of curvature.

Design variety with TROGAMID®

IMPLEX wins customers over with easy handling, excellent productivity, and the ability to customize in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. For eyewear manufacturers, the ability to implement designs even more quickly is a major advantage of the innovative technology.

The innovation meets customer demands through its use of two material solutions from Evonik: TROGAMID® CX9704 is a transparent polyamide used for the base frame—its pliability allows manufacturers to vary the shape of the product. The second structural layer, which is made with TROGAMID® CX9711, has excellent processing characteristics and is highly resistant to chemicals.